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Conference Background

2014 has seen rapid advances in China's Internet Finance landscape. Payment was one of the first pioneers in internet finance, and we can expect more disruptive innovations in payment scenarios, tools, forms and payment agreements in the next few years. In the future, the rise of virtual currency and network payment protocol might even make subversive changes to traditional payment system, and Bitcoin is just the beginning. Blockchain technology, the foundation of bitcoin, is a great technology breakthrough. This decentralized P2P network is much more than a digital currency and can be used in smart contracts, P2P equity trading and asset transfer, holding the potential of revolutionizing internet and finance industry

We have organized the biggest gathering in Asia for practitioners from the field of digital currency and Bitcoin. The conference has attracted 1000 attendees from more than 20 countries. Building on the huge success of previous events, 2015 Global BItcoin Summit Shanghai Conference will adopt a global perspective, bring together leading companies and emerging innovators from around the world. The summit aims to promote, encourage, and influence more cooperation, understanding, and collaboration among practitioners in internet finance and digital money.

About the Organizer

Shanghai International Finance Research Center (SIFRC)

Shanghai International Finance Research Center (SIFRC)was authorized by Shanghai Municipal Government in 1991. SIFRC is a non-profit, professional finance research and consulting institution, focusing on international finance theories research, technology development, consulting, publishing, training and international exchange and cooperation. SIFRC is based in Shanghai and it gathers global finance experts, governetent agencies, research institues, lawyers to research major events and hot issues in global finance market. SIFRC is committed to promoting the devleopment of international finance in China and Shanghai.

You Yuan Conference (YYCEC)

You Yuan Conference (YYCEC) is one of the pioneers in planning and organizing exhibitions and events in Shanghai. YYCEC has host many events organized by State Ministries, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), WTO, Municaipal Publicity and Science Department, Finance Office, City Devleopment Research Center, Shanghai EXPO, etc. YYCEC has organized domestic and international high-end exhibitions, covering many fields such as economy, commerce, culture, science and technology. 


 BTCBBS was founded in 2011, best known for content and distribution capacities in digital currency news. With open mind, neutral attitude and agile team , BTCBBS welcome all thoughts and the discussions on decentralized digital currency trends and technologies. There are currently more than 200 opinion leaders and researchers writing articles on BTCBBS. 

Conferencde Topics

-Next Generation Payment and Digital Currency

-Bitcoin 2.0

-Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC)

-Blockchain Innovation

-Cross Border Payment

-Digital Asset and Security

-Smart Contract


-The Only Digital Currency Conference Organzied by Governemtn Agency

-The Most Influential Confernece on Digital Currency in China

-Top Speakers Sharing Latest Trends and Most Adanced Technologies

-Case Studies on Bitcoin Technology Appliacitons in Real Estate, Finance and Consumer    Goods Industry

Who Will Attend

-Government Agencies, Associations and Research Institutes

-Payment Companies

-Bitcoin and Digital Currency Trading Platforms

-Mining Equipment Manufacturers and Mining Pools

-Internet Companies

-Internet Finance Companies: P2P, Crowd Funding



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Conference Schedule

2015-06-23 09:00 ~12:30
The Rise of Digital Finance

09:00:Opening Remarks

09:20:Building Capital Market for Trade            Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

10:00:Cross-Border Payment in Digital Currencies

10:40:Tea Break

11:10:Is There a Future for Decentralized Digital Currency?


Rules of the Game: Tackling the Regulatory Issues Raised by Digital Money.

          -Global issues and challenges

          -Taxation of digital money

          -Consumer protection and data security

          -Regulatory update and outlook


2015-06-23 13:30 ~17:00
Bitcoin 2.0 and Blockchain Innovation

13:30:Blockchain and its Application in the Internet of Things

14:00:A Next-Generation Generalized Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform

14:30:Beyond the Currency: Bitcoin as a Technology and Decentralized Applications

15:00:Tea Break

15:30:Bitcoin around the World: Models of Adoption

16:00:Digital Currency Security: A Practical Perspective

16:30:Charity Crowdfunding in Action: Using Bitcoin to Fund Good Causes


          The Top Challenges Holding Bitcoin Back from Going Mainstream

2015-06-24 09:00 ~12:30
Crypto Currency Invtestmen

09:20:Why I’m Investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies

10:00:Digital Currency Cutting-Edge Trials: Innovation and Opportunity

10:40:Tea Break

11:10:Bringing Bitcoin to Consumers and Merchants


          The Investment Perspective of the Bitcoin Ecosystem

12:30:End of the Day Two


Aleks Nowak
BlockEx, Co-Founder
Aleks is a former Army officer with broad multi-disciplinary management expertise. A founding member of the UKDCA (UK Digital Currency Association), he is a regular keynote speaker on digital currencies to both commercial and consumer audiences. He is an active member of digital currency working groups providing direct input to HM Treasury and other government departments. Aleks has been involved in the digital currency space since 2011 having worked on numerous alternative currency projects such as Vertcoin. He is a consultant to various financial institutions including high street on implementation of blockchain technology platforms. More recently he has been working on digital exchange platform as a Co-Founder of BlockEx and numerous cryptographic payment integration solutions through his work with XBTerminal.
Vitalik Buterin
Ethereum, Founder
Feng Han
Bitcoin Foundation Life-Time Member, PhD of Tsinghua University
Bobby Lee
BTC China, CEO
Leon Li
Huobi, Founder and CEO
Mitchell Dong
Pythagoras Investment Management, Managing Director
Gatecoin, CEO
BVMW, The Chief Representative of China
jiang en
Dogecoin, Chairman
Lee Willson
BItcoin, Ambassador
旅居中国的马来西亚华裔,毕业于英国的皇家会计师,是知名的国际企管顾问,2004年受中国国务院邀请代表海外华裔青年企业家在北京人民大会堂向国家领导发言。 集演讲家、旅行家、评论家、作家于一身,同时也是极少数能与著名的商品大王吉姆罗杰斯同台演讲的投资家。 于2014年投资并推广加密货币,是全球首个用比特币环游世界并拍成纪录片的人,因此如今被广称为比特币大使。 www.bitcoinworldtour.org
Coinsulting, CEO
Matej is a serial entrepreneur. His first exposure to Bitcoin was via mining on his own laptop. Matej founded BitcoinMarketing, the first full service Crypto Digital Agency in the world. Later on, Matej founded Coinsulting, a specialized firm providing professional Bitcoin consulting services. He worked in many European countries including the UK, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Slovakia and spent a significant amount of time in China. Matej is now working on new projects.

Date Time

2015-06-23 09:00 - Start

2015-06-24 13:00 - End

  • 中国 上海 闸北区
  • 2F Buliding E, No 602 Pengjiang Road ,Zhabei District)

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